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Industry Solutions

Exosite's ExoSense®️ Condition Monitoring Application and Murano IoT Platform enable organizations to deliver services and solutions for industries with high value assets, equipment, sensors, and machines.  


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ExoSense Condition Monitoring
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Customer Success Stories

See how companies, like you, are successfully managing industry challenges.

concrete truck fleet condition monitoring

Modernizing the concrete industry.

CiDRA Concrete Systems used IoT to bring their industry into the 21st century. They partnered with Exosite and HED to develop a connected solution that helps their customers reduce waste, lower costs, and enhance competitiveness.

  • Real-time data from trucks including air content, temperature, drum rotation, and volume  
  • Remote data visualization to identify batch issues, enhance quality, and test mix designs
  • The ability to export historical data, receive notifications, and see fleet-wide data views
  • Over-the-air programming for future field-based software updates
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Fairbanks-Morse-Engine-Logo-240squareRevolutionary Support for Remote Diesel Engine Power Systems

Fairbanks Morse Defense partnered with Exosite to deliver their FM Onboard technology to customers for their line of Diesel Engines and ability to integrate other assets.  FM Onboard's key functionality includes:

  • Asset Condition Monitoring
  • Digital Twin
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Work Instruction based Work Orders
  • XR Goggle Integration
  • On Prem and Cloud Deployments
  • Reporting

"Exosite invested in our IoT vision—their process made us feel like partners as we collaborated to develop our commercial offering. They rose to the challenge to meet an aggressive timeline and delivered tangible value to our customers, while achieving the right price to sustain our offering into the future."

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MTS Hydraulic Power Unit Monitoring

mts-logoHPU Monitoring for Large Test Equipment

MTS leveraged Exosite's platform for their HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) Health Monitoring solution for real-time diagnostics for predictive maintenance and failure prevention. 

Their customers are able to increase their equipment operational visibility, reduce costs, and improve uptime.  

"Our internally developed platform required significant investments and additional engineering resources in order to maintain stability and drive customer satisfaction. Exosite provided a solution that is scalable and reduced the cost of platform maintenance with more feature enhancements to support growth. Leveraging their expertise allowed us to focus on our core competency and drive real value for our customers."

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construction vehicles iot telemetry asset monitoring

HED-logoFlexible, configurable end-to-end IoT solution built to enable on- and off-highway OEMs. 

Along with a robust line of controllers and HMI products, HED offers CANect®, a complete and flexible telematics system that provides critical data for assets when and where you need it. 

HED leverages the Exosite Industrial IoT platform to offer a flexible and customizable telematics monitoring solution for mobile equipment OEMs.

"The high level of configurability and multi-tenant capabilities led us to Exosite and allow us to repeatedly deploy customer solutions in weeks rather than months. Their 'grow with you' start-up costs and long-term pricing options made onboarding a breeze."

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A rooftop chiller monitoring solution that blew the competition away.

A world leader in air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions used IoT to enhance technician-related efficiencies and increase service revenue. 

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Hastings Air  ventilation dust collector iot

logo_hastings_wideClean & Energy Efficient Workplace Air Filtering

Hastings provides high value, quality engineered, energy efficient and environmentally responsible industrial air filtration systems, product and service solutions that protect workers from harmful airborne contaminants.

By leveraging Industrial IoT, they are able to provide data to their customers including

  • Air Quality
  • Energy Savings measured by system efficiency
  • System Error Condition Notifications
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air conditioner energy saving iot monitoring

Smart A/C solution that enhances energy efficiency for commercial retailers

To make a difference in their carbon footprint and their bottom line, business owners need access to an affordable A/C solution that doesn’t require them to purchase expensive equipment and could give them greater visibility and control over their electricity usage.  IESS leveraged Exosite to Reshape the Smart Energy-Management Market.

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paper processing hoist iot industrial pulp manufacturing

logo_kadantCondition Based Maintenance in Processing Industries

Kadant needed to expand their Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) services with connected product lines to help increase service contract lifetime values and drive replacement parts revenues.

Kadant is a global supplier of high-value, critical components and engineered systems used in the process industries worldwide. 

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Genie-logo-colorClose the door on the competition

In order to meet customer demands for connectivity, the Genie Company needed a product that would sweep their competition under the rug. They used IoT to exceed expectations and boost their brand.

  • An idea-to-market period of 9 months
  • Increased value for partners and distributors
  • Ease of use and peace of mind for customers
  • An established framework for future connected products

“Working in tandem with Exosite enabled our team to bring a great concept to life in months, rather than years.”

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electric bus green transportation iot battery

Battery Tracking for Commercial Vehicles

XALT Energy partnered with HED for their XALT Battery Viewer (XBV) to optimize commercial vehicle performance through a monitoring solution.   

XALT Battery Viewer (XBV) is a telematics system sold as a companion tool for the heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries the company provides to commercial vehicle manufacturers. The system offers users access to sophisticated system data in a simple-to-install-and-use telematics package that delivers critical operational information through a user-friendly portal.

XBV was designed to allow fleet operators access to dashboards that monitor drive cycles, routes and charging times of individual vehicles on the road. This data can be extrapolated by XALT technicians to determine the size of the battery system an individual vehicle actually needs to optimize performance.

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wind turbine monitoring first energy

Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring System

The majority of wind turbine failures happen within the gearbox and generator, leading to costly repairs and downtime. First Energy's Condition Monitoring System integrates next-generation of vibration sensors and ExoSense IoT platform to provide an efficient and reliable monitoring system.

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greenhouse agriculture vegetables monitoring iot

logo_elotecLowering Insurance in Agrictulture

Elotec uses IoT with soil temp and moisture sensors to monitoring fields to help lower insurance rates for farmers.  

  • LoRa based sensors
  • Battery Powered
  • Alert Notifications
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parker compressed air condition monitoring iot

Parkerlogo_iDiscover the power to see the future

To address the waste and inefficiencies of industrial compressed air piping applications, Parker Hannifin turned to IoT to develop a customizable condition-monitoring solution. 

  • Increased efficiencies and reduced downtime for customers
  • Established competitive differentiation within their market
  • Enabled additional services and recurring revenue
  • Created a framework to enable future connected products
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hydroponic agriculture monitoring

Smart Hydroponic Vegetable Monitoring System

eSol created a fully turnkey Smart Hydroponic Vegetable Monitoring System that uses nutrient film technique with smart sensors  in conjunction with Exosite's ExoSense software to provide a smart solution for any organization interested in growing vegetables with hydroponics.  

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Tall sprinkler spraying lawn with long jet of water on college campus

A first-of-its-kind product for remote water flow monitoring.

H2O Flow Pro used IoT to gain a competitive edge in their market.

  • Real-time data and alert notifications
  • Remote water management control
  • Automatic shutdown functionality
  • Predictive maintenance analytics

 “It was much easier and a lot more efficient to find an off-the-shelf platform rather than invest all the time, energy, and resources into developing our own software from scratch. With Exosite, our engineers could focus on building the best device hardware without having to worry about the software side of the product.”

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An all-in-one fertilizer tank monitoring solution for farmers and growers.

A pioneering agriculture startup used IoT to help farmers improve yields and reduce expenses. 

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