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Industrial Applications

Exosite's ExoSense®️ Condition Monitoring Application and Murano IoT Platform enable organizations to deliver services and solutions for industries with high value assets, equipment, sensors, and machines.  

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Flexible Pricing that Scales

Exosite's unique approach to pricing lets you start simple and scale for your Industrial IoT solution business goals.    

Start Monitoring Your Equipment, Machines, and Assets with ExoSense.

Knock the socks off your management team when you show them a connected solution that looks like you have 10 years of experience built in.  

Evaluation Accounts

Contact Exosite's Sales team for information regarding trial programs.

Onboarding Package

Let Exosite's expert team be your guide and ensure you can meet your digitization goals.  For over 10 years we have been helping companies get their project up and running with a connected solution.  With this package, we will onboard your team, help to find the right hardware for connectivity and sensors, ensure data is flowing, and get your ExoSense instance set up while training you on the functionality.  3 months of the ExoSense application is included.

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Application Tiers

Higher ExoSense application tiers have a larger feature set and increase the number of Users, Devices, and Assets that can be used.  ExoSense application tiers are a flat monthly fee.  



per month*

Create your own branded Condition Monitoring solution. Visualize and monitor your equipment and machines as digital Assets at your sites.


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  • 100 Users
  • 500 Devices
  • 500 Assets
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Group Level Depth: 1
  • Application Configurable Branding
  • Rules: Standard, Third-Party
  • Export Reports
  • Notifications


Exosite also offers a Basic application tier that provides a simplified version of ExoSense for small projects that require data visualization from connected equipment.  The basic tier is limited to 10 Devices, 10 Assets, and 5 Users.

$25 per month*

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per month

Add customer groups, use Templates to deploy many Assets, customize Roles, and begin using Transform Insights - such as Machine Learning services.

Get Started
  • 1000 Users
  • 5000 Devices
  • 5000 Assets
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Group Level Depth: 3
  • Application Configurable Branding
  • Rules: Standard, Third-Party, Custom
  • Export Reports
  • Notifications
  • Asset Templates
  • Bulk Changes
  • Insight Transforms & Analytics: Standard, Third-Party, Custom
  • Custom User Roles
  • Asset Types & Custom Asset Grid View


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Monthly / Annual Terms Available*

Build Integrations with the API, manage regional/sales/support hierarchies, and sub-brand customer groups.


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  • >1000 Users
  • >5000 Devices
  • >5000 Assets
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Group Level Depth: 10
  • Application Configurable Branding
  • Rules: Standard, Third-Party, Custom
  • Export Reports
  • Notifications
  • Asset Templates
  • Bulk Changes
  • Insight Transforms & Analytics: Standard, Third-Party, Custom
  • Custom User Roles
  • Asset Types & Custom Asset Grid View
  • API AccessGroup Level Branding
  • Group Level Branding

*Usage fees apply


Usage Metrics

To provide control over your costs, usage fees are separated from the application tier - you pay only for what you use each month.  Limits that govern your usage Metrics are controlled by your application settings, and can be customized for the use case.  Usage fees are priced using a tier pricing system.  


ExoSense Devices

The number of managed Edge Source IoT Devices across all instances of ExoSense in your Business Account. Edge Source IoT Devices provide the raw device channel data that you map to digital Asset signals in ExoSense.  This metric is in units of devices.

New Monthly Data Points

The number of New Data Points ingested, created, processed, and optionally stored (in dynamic timeseries storage) by solutions and services in your Business Account during the month.  This metric is in units of 1 million (1M) data points.

Total Dynamic Storage

The total amount of Dynamic Time Series Storage used by all solutions and services in your Exosite Account for each the month. Dynamic Storage is historical data that is readily available for visualization, reports, and data queries. Tier pricing for this metric is in units of 1 gigabyte (1GB).

Total Content Storage

The amount of Content Storage (non-timeseries) used by all solutions and services in your Business Account during the month. Content Storage is used for things such as files, firmware, and other content uploaded by users, services, and devices. Tier pricing for this metric is in units of 1 gigabyte (1GB).

IoT Marketplace Integrations, Insights, and IoT Connectors

Additional capabilities can be added from the Exosite IoT Marketplace, such as Insights (rules, transforms, analytics, and machine learning), IoT Connectors (cloud-to-cloud, templates, EveryCloud), and other Integrations.  Some of these Exchange Elements have subscription and usage fees, which are clearly depicted when deploying the given item.

Build your Connected Business.

Exosite's platform allows organizations to deploy and resell multiple condition monitoring applications, customize IoT Connectors for product fleets, and build/resell/host IoT pipeline components (such as custom analytics capabilities).  


Platform Business Accounts


This is Exosite's default platform business account tier.  All new ExoSense Condition Monitoring Solution accounts are created with this tier.

  • Deploy up to 2 ExoSense Applications* 
  • Use the Exchange IoT Marketplace to find Third-Party Insights such as analytics and application specific rules,  integrations, and hardware IoT Connectors.
  • Create up to 5 Standard IoT Connectors
  • Invite up to 5 additional account administrators and developers.
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Create and manage a connected solutions business. 

This tier provides advanced access to the Murano IoT platform for building and hosting custom services and integrations.

  • Deploy more ExoSense Applications and IoT Connectors*
  • Add additional account administrators and developers
  • Publish Private and Public elements to the IoT Marketplace 
  • Create Custom IoT Connectors** using Murano's micro-services and scripting solution platform.**
  • Create EveryCloud IoT Connectors** to enable building out of the box connected hardware.**
  • Access to the Murano Advanced IoT Application Enablement Platform **
  • Custom Domain Hostname for all Applications
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This tier enables multi-divisional organizations and resellers to manage child businesses and use the IoT Marketplace to build out an invite-only business network.
  • All of the functionality for Advanced Platform Business accounts plus:
  • Marketplace Publishing: Private, Public, and Private Network 
  • Use Murano's Business Network to manage child businesses.
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If you are interested in a source code license or an On Premise Industrial IoT Application Enablement platform, please contact us.  We have enabled some of the world's largest organizations with bespoke IIoT capabilities.
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*ExoSense Applications , Marketplace add-ons, and usage fees apply

** Advanced Murano platform service usage fees apply


Control Costs

We've split-out our application and usage fees to give you control over how to scale and grow your industrial IoT solution. 

Tangible Pricing 

We've built our pricing based on features that every IoT solution uses.  With our standard platform business plan, you can quickly project your costs based on your device report rate and the number of devices connected.  With the big infrastructure companies your costs can sky-rocket, often non-linearly, as you add volume.  

Flexible Deployment Models

Exosite does not require licenses for individual sites or end-users.  Instead, we use a flat SaaS monthly fee with tools to onboard and support multiple customers, sites, locations, and deployments.


World-Class Support available

Whether you need help getting up to speed, supporting additional sensors and hardware, or deploying into the field, Exosite's Support is world class.  We are IoT experts.



Support Plans

Exosite offers Support plans to fit your business needs.  All customers have access to the following:

Our higher tier support plans provide options for faster response times, phone support, and Application Engineering hours.

Application Engineers

Exosite has worked with companies to consult on, build, and deploy IoT solutions for over 10 years.  Our Applications Engineers are experienced in sensor and hardware integration, setting up and using Exosite's software, and helping from prototype through initial installations. 


Exosite offers Onboarding packages to provide you with training, help with hardware, and get your project jump-started.  Contact us for more information.

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