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Industry Solutions

Exosite's ExoSense®️ Condition Monitoring Application and Murano IoT Platform enable organizations to deliver services and solutions for industries with high value assets, equipment, sensors, and machines.  


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ExoSense Condition Monitoring
IIOT pumps virtual digital twins

Everything you need to get critical operational insight into your high-value assets.

ExoSense® is a ready-to-deploy condition monitoring application that provides operational insight into industrial assets, systems, and equipment.

ExoSense Condition Monitoring

Why ExoSense?


Easy to Use.

ExoSense provides a code-less environment for configuring digital versions of your assets, IoT data pipeline, rules, permissions, and visualizations - and can be learned in an afternoon.  


Low Barrier Deployment.

Deploy the application in under 10 minutes, connect your equipment and IoT devices in a day, and have a solution in customers’ hands within a week.

Our experienced team can help guide companies through the process to scale and commercialize.


Configurable Functionality

This feature-rich solution can be utilized across various industrial and commercial use cases, regardless of the machine, equipment, or asset type. 

ExoSense is used with monitoring motors, manufacturing equipment, pumps, vessels, diesel engines, trucks, agricultural sensors, roof-top chillers, and more.  


It Just Works.

We hear this a lot. It’s important—digitization in industrial use cases will not happen if it’s not adopted by engineers and maintenance teams with low tolerance for flaky software.  It’s reliable, scalable, and secure.  No platform shows data updates as close to real-time as Exosite.

Customize and deploy your industrial IoT solution quickly —


Connect equipment.

Set up your asset's digital twin.

Start onboarding users. 


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Features and configurability to handle your unique requirements

Realtime Visualization 

ExoSense's Asset dashboard panels were designed to address the needs of real-time streaming IoT sensor data, ensuring at a glance you are getting the most up to date information.  

Dashboards are fully customizable to fit the need of your assets, machines, and equipment systems, the way you want to see your data.  While being flexible, the UI will also be responsive to small displays and touch screens. 

Charts, gauges, and other visualization panels update real-time, there are no polling or waiting - data and status indicators are immediately updated as it is received into the platform.  


Manage Signal Condition Logic, Rules, and Notifications

The data pipeline in ExoSense connects IoT endpoint  device sources to digital twin signals for streaming data, time-series storage, and visualization. 

Logic rules create asset status events and the ability to send alert Notification messages.  Integrate custom Action functions for leverage existing systems and software.

Additionally insert insight and transform functions to combine and add additional value data signals such as your health algorithms, part life, and Machine Learning integrations

exosense asset data pipeline table 1 light

Deploy & Manage @ Scale

Asset Templates allow managers and onboarding teams to manage versions of their asset configuration. 

These templates can be used to onboard new assets quickly with their IoT sources of data in addition to bulk updates to existing digital twin assets to add new visualizations, insight logic, or leverage a new feature.  

exosense asset template bulk migration workflow

Access & Permission Controls

Whether managing 1 site or 1000 sites, ExoSense has permission controls using flexible group based access hierarchy and the ability to define custom user roles.  

Grouping containers include access to assets, IoT end point device ownership, users and sub groups for organization hierarchy like sites or locations or at a macro level for managing geographical business structures

exosense user invite 1

Asset Management 

Beyond streaming real time sensor data, Assets in ExoSense may also leverage a number of information and management features.   

Metadata for information such as serial numbers, important dates, and any other properties important to track.  Files such as manuals, reports, images, and logs can be uploaded to your digital assets as content and made available to all users. 

Subsystem tags allow tracking specifics at a sub level of a complex asset and Asset Types allow looking at different types of equipment as a fleet

exosense fleet view asset management

Driving Action

The collection of data from your equipment can let you see how it's operating but it's critical to be able to take action from this data.  

Beyond rule based notifications, organizations can leverage Condition Policies to manage failure modes, detected conditions, and health of their assets. 

The ExoSense data pipeline also supports custom Action integrations to trigger other software that you may already leverage such as ticketing systems, maintenance software, and collection of events in data lakes for AI, ML, and Data Science activities.  

exosense condition management action

Industrial Data Ready

Units, timezones, and sources of truth matter in the industrial world.  ExoSense uses a strict schema for IoT defined data sources, carrying data types, units, and other properties throughout the application to ensure unit conversions are possible natively.  Ensuring consistent time-stamping across all data is critical for teams spanning the globe

See how ExoSense handles this critical information so your team and customers don't get confused. 

exosense device channels

Repeatable Workflows

Usability is critical for adoption of digitizationYour technical team is busy and needs to get more done with less

ExoSense was built from the ground up to address the needs of connecting equipment through IoT, providing interfaces to map IoT channels to digital signals, leverage Asset Templates, swap hardware, and make bulk changes across those digital twins assets.  

exosense asset type bulk fleet view editing workflow

Make it yours

ExoSense is fully configurable from a brand, application defaults, grouping structure, integration, and feature control stand-point.  As an administrator, set it up to be your product and support the right functionality for your users and customers.    


When you’re ready to get started, we’ve made that simple too.

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IIOT pumps virtual digital twins

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