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Industry Solutions

Exosite's ExoSense®️ Condition Monitoring Application and Murano IoT Platform enable organizations to deliver services and solutions for industries with high value assets, equipment, sensors, and machines.  


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ExoSense Condition Monitoring
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OEM and Product Companies

Product companies seeking to meet market demand for connectivity can struggle with IoT technologies and software business models, which are typically outside of their expertise. By leveraging Exosite’s Murano platform and off-the-shelf solutions, like ExoSense® and EveryCloud™, companies can provide a connected IoT experience quickly, cost effectively, and without having to build out new technologies and teams.

IoT Ready

Deploy IoT-ready products without the operational burden of supporting multiple cloud platforms. Exosite’s EveryCloud IoT Connector technology can power applications anywhere with a centralized and agnostic device cloud solution for end-user device registration and data subscription use.

Inherently Scalable

Managing connections, device identities, authorization, and data throughput can get complicated fast. Whether you sell hundreds or millions of products, the Murano platform handles scaling, device identity management, secure activation and authorization, and data flow for you.

Expedited Time to Market

An IoT application built with one of the big cloud service providers often takes 2+ years, won’t scale, and struggles to address new functionality requirements. Exosite’s off-the-shelf technology expedites your time to market with a scalable solution that’s fully maintained by us.

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Deliver a Connected Solution

Product companies that have historically built and sold hardware can provide software solutions that generate new revenue, provide greater customer value, and keep them competitive. Exosite offers a variety of options depending on how product companies want to engage with customers.

ExoSense can be fully whitelabeled and sold with connected hardware as a complete solution.    

The EveryCloud IoT Connectors offer a fully branded device cloud solution that enables end users to purchase and register hardware, then subscribe to the device’s data API for integration into custom applications or their own ExoSense deployments.

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Connectivity and Device Management

Exosite’s Murano platform provides IoT lifecycle management capabilities, including secure provisioning and authentication, connection and identity management, firmware and content upload/ download, HTTP and MQTT APIs, and a customizable event handler for data integrations. 

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H2O Flow Pro logo

H2O Flow Pro used IoT to gain a competitive edge in their market.

H2O Flow Pro created a groundbreaking and sustainable connected product. They used Exosite’s existing IoT framework to quickly build and deploy their own water-resource-management solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real-time data and alert notifications
  • Remote water management control
  • Automatic shutdown functionality
  • Predictive maintenance analytics

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